Size Range



Copper Size Range

Primary Metals and Alloys are able to supply you with the following copper solutions:


- Oxygen Free Copper Bar sizes ranging from 20mm x 3mm to 100mm x 12mm

- Oxygen Free Copper Rods sizes ranging from 10mm to 40mm

- Oxygen Free Copper Soft Tape sizes ranging from 20mm x 3mm to 100mm x 12mm

- Oxygen Free Copper Profiles as per your specifications

- Silver Bearing Copper Bars, Rods, Profiles and Tape


Primary Metals and Alloys has significant experience in sourcing the correct mill to ensure your requirements are met. We work with leading mills who lead the way in tooling design and in copper product development. This has resulted in their profile products being accurately matched to customer specifications and processes. Their tooling design is based on a thorough understanding of process and process control.


We see custom shapes as an opportunity for creative problem-solving and ingenuity, and believe that we have a genuine competitive strength in this area.


A sample, a drawing, or even a description of the desired shape gives our engineers enough of a starting point to develop the finished product. We regularly work CDA 10100, 10200, 10500, 10700, 11000, 12200, and 15000 alloys, but we welcome the opportunity to explore other possibilities for customised shape requirements.


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