Trust and Accountability

You can trust Recycling Metal Industries' weight reporting. Each site has installed industry specific weighing equipment. Coupled with their trade certified and fully computerised weigh bridges, they can provide you with a full audit trail for any load collected at any time.


  • Certified weigh bridges at each site
  • Industry leading photographic and weighing equipment at all our facilities
  • We are a long standing member of the Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of Queensland (WCRAQ).
  • Registered license to trade under the Second Hand Dealers' Act.
  • Certification for Metal Recovery under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (issued by Brisbane City Council).


Recycling Metal Industries' state of the art system also takes a photo of each load that is weighed on our scales or over the weigh bridge. All weights are determined through the use of computerised weighing equipment and will detail the gross tare and nett weight of each and every collection made by Recycling Metal Industries.





Primary Metals and Alloys have partnered with Recycling Metal Industries to provide you with a complete solution to your metal requirements. Together, we are able to service clients effectively and efficiently all over Australia.


Since 1998, Recycling Metal Industries have continually grown and reinvested in their company. This has enabled Recycling Metal Industries to become a market leader in Queensland and forge relationships with international mills and other reputable dealers around Australia. These relationships enable them to provide you with a national solution to your scrap metal requirements.